Effects of Television on Kids - Beneficial or Harmful ?

In today's era, television has become almost an essential part of everybody's life. It is no more just a leisure item but has become a necessity in everyone's life.

Since it is easily accessible and affordable nowadays, it has become one of the most important recreational items for children as well as adults. For children, it is like a babysitter. Television is one of the most crucial informative media these days. Children come to know loads of things about the world around them. This media of entertainment not only provide classroom bound educational information but also facts about wildlife and various things. Getting aware of the current affairs worldwide had not been easier without this prime media of entertainment. The world of entertainment, sports, current news and many other educative things have reached everyone's living room through this mode of telecommunication.

Like every great change has some beneficial and harmful effects on the mankind, this piece of enjoyment have some adversity, as well. Often children get addicted to this screen entertainments so immensely that this results in unsocial, impatient and splenetic behaviour. With continuous staring at the screen, it has been proved by the researchers that children get affected by eyesight problem, laziness, obesity and lack of concentration.

To overcome the negativity of the television, it is required to educate the children with its advantages and disadvantages. Watching television in leisure time within a stipulated time frame can help children get enriched with its positive side-effect more. Thus, this piece of media, if observed in a controlled time limit, can be a boon for one's upbringing.


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