How To Build IT Resume To Get Hike In Tech Career in the US IT Job Market

Hey, folks, this is my first post on IT resume building techniques for my tech career in the US IT job market.
By now you must have known about my blogging frequency. I am a blogger by mood.
Since 8 years, I had been just a mother 24x7. I had dropped off my career after my son's birth and thereafter, all my focus and energy was solely on his upbringing.
Now, he is a big boy of 8 years. I get enough time for myself. Just restarted up my career (7 months) in a big company with great people all around.

After almost 8 years of my career break, I was in a bit dilemma on how to build my resume as per the current IT trends in this technical job market in the USA. I kept on looking for some good blogs, guiding me with how to restart a career confidently after some years of break. My friends and family also boosted up my energy and confidence to post my resume to different job portals.

I googled for some top US job portals and registered with them. Since I am a tech person, my niche search was IT job portals in the USA. The following are some of the leading US IT job portals - Dice.Com, TechFetch.Com, ZipRecruiter.Com, Monster.Com, etc.

I was not getting any relevant job offers from big companies. This was quite frustrating as well as depressing for me. I was in constant thought that in spite of having 6+ years of experience, why my tech resume was not being shortlisted by those big giant IT companies. One of my friend who works in some good recruiting firm looked into my resume. As per her, the format of my resume was not as per the current IT industry standard. Then she suggested me some resume building tips and asked me to register with another upcoming IT job portal.


Tech Resume

- Not only helped me with getting a relevant tech job in a top IT company but also guided me with its resume building tips and techniques.

Now I am a happy IT professional, a smart mom, and a happy person - a superwoman kind of feelings.

Hope you have liked this post. I will soon come back with another part of my life to share with you all.
Till then enjoy reading more blogs and do whatever makes you feel like a super person.
Above all, just stay happy.


very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.

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