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Effects of Television on Kids - Beneficial or Harmful ?

In today's era, television has become almost an essential part of everybody's life. It is no more just a leisure item but has become a necessity in everyone's life.

Since it is easily accessible and affordable nowadays, it has become one of the most important recreational items for children as well as adults. For children, it is like a babysitter. Television is one of the most crucial informative media these days. Children come to know loads of things about the world around them. This media of entertainment not only provide classroom bound educational information but also facts about wildlife and various things. Getting aware of the current affairs worldwide had not been easier without this prime media of entertainment. The world of entertainment, sports, current news and many other educative things have reached everyone's living room through this mode of telecommunication.

Like every great change has some beneficial and harmful effects on the mankind, this piece of e…

Android Instagram gets Offline Mode

80% of Instagram's clients 600 million clients are outside the US, so it required an approach to give a superior affair to clients with restricted system network or no information arrange.

Today at F8, Instagram declared it's fabricated support for utilizing the vast majority of its elements without Internet get to. A lot of this usefulness is currently accessible on Android, which is the favored gadget sort in the creating scene. More will come in the next months, and Instagram reveals to me its investigating an iOS adaptation.

Instagram design Hendri says offline clients will have the capacity to see content beforehand stacked in Instagram's encourage. Individuals can leave remarks, Like things, spare media, or unfollow individuals — all of which will experience when they reconnect. Profiles they've gone by before will be unmistakable, as will old adaptations of the Explore tab or their own particular profile.

The designing aerobatic required to do this could help I…

Rachel Whetstone, The Head of Communications and Policy of Uber, has resigned after working in Uber for 2 years

Rachel Whetstone's resignation was confirmed by Travis Kalanick, the Chief executive of Uber company, in an all-staff email on Tuesday.
No reason has been given for her quitting the job, though it follows months of a disturbance at Uber. 

Ms. Whetstone joined the Uber company from Google in 2015. In a leaving statement, she said: "I am incredibly proud of the team we have built".
"Just as when I left Google, a strong and brilliant woman will be taking my place. I joined Uber because I love the product - and that love is as strong today as it was when I reserved my very first ride six years ago."
Jill Hazelbaker, who had deputized for Ms. Whetstone, will take over. Uber would not say if the move would be immediate.
Mr. Kalanick emailed staff on Tuesday afternoon to share the news - and with it, attached a picture of himself and Ms. Whetstone on a recent hiking trip.
"I am looking forward to having her as an advisor for years to come," he wrote.

TecheJobs Says "We Have The Job You Are Looking For"

Well, what is that - It was the first question came into my mind as I saw the advertisement.
I quickly opened up my laptop with a cup of well-brewed coffee kept aside. Quickly googled and found about what is Techejobs.

Techejobs like Dice, TechFetch is another US based IT job portal. I thought - Oh no! Not again... But as I was just surfing through it out of curiosity found something different than the rest.

I found some good resume templates, quick apply options without registering, instant support from their team regarding the job I was looking for.

Lemme take a sip of my coffee. Slurrppp....

Being a new job portal website, it's really fresh and well competing with the giant job portals of the web.
The tech resume builder of Techejobs helps to build IT industry specific professional resumes online for free.
The IT resume templates are absolutely free to use.

Checked with their forum "IT Q&A community" - I found some relevant good threads of di…

How To Build IT Resume To Get Hike In Tech Career in the US IT Job Market

Hey, folks, this is my first post on IT resume building techniques for my tech career in the US IT job market.
By now you must have known about my blogging frequency. I am a blogger by mood.
Since 8 years, I had been just a mother 24x7. I had dropped off my career after my son's birth and thereafter, all my focus and energy was solely on his upbringing.
Now, he is a big boy of 8 years. I get enough time for myself. Just restarted up my career (7 months) in a big company with great people all around.

After almost 8 years of my career break, I was in a bit dilemma on how to build my resume as per the current IT trends in this technical job market in the USA. I kept on looking for some good blogs, guiding me with how to restart a career confidently after some years of break. My friends and family also boosted up my energy and confidence to post my resume to different job portals.

I googled for some top US job portals and registered with them. Since I am a tech person, my niche searc…