Roam Around USA in 30 days - my own experiences with my 6 years old son.

Roam Around USA
A plan to visit and roam around USA just popped in my mind when I came across the holiday list of my son's school. Gosh! it was exactly 30 days starting from May 16 till June 15. My little brother, a Senior Project Head in USA, encouraged me to the great extent. Unfortunately my husband did not get 30 days off from his work area. So, I decided to go with my plan to "roam around USA in 30 days" with my little son during his summer vacation. I went on looking through the websites and arranged all the required documents accordingly. My husband and my brother helped me immensely.

Steps I followed for my plan to "Roam Around USA" were: Just two months before the planned date to visit and roam around USA, I contacted a travel agency for the USA visa registration purpose. In the meantime I had to collect many important documents. Since I was visiting to my brother's place, he had to give me certain important documents from his end also. Currently, being dependent on my husband financially and also having a minor child, according to the USA rule, my husband had to give his supporting documents as well as a consent letter. With all the correct documents, it took hardly 10 days to get the appointment  for the bio-metric round, the first official step towards my vacation plan to travel around USA in 30 days. The next day was the visa interview round at the USA Embassy. He had to take off from his school on that day.

Visa To Roam Around USA

My husband had to wait outside the Embassy in the scorching heat of March for around 3 hours odd. The security personnel did not allow anyone other than the candidates to enter the Embassy. The Embassy security personals did not allow anyone to take mobile phones, tabs, laptops, bags, food and beverages. In one hand I was carrying all the documents in a transparent folder with a pen inside and on the other hand I was holding my son's hand. The total process took almost 3 hours. My son gradually became irritated and restless. He did not eat food or find any play mates or play zone around for so long. When the interview person greeted my son, "Hey dude! what's u doing this morning?", without even taking a fraction of seconds he replied, "I am not fine. I am very hungry this morning.". Hahaha. After much exchange of questions and answers, the handsome hunk stamped my passport with the USA visa. I was extremely excited, felt to jump and hop around. And yes of cos, we got the tickets and was set for the trip to roam around USA. (continue)


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