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Roam Around USA in 30 days - my own experiences with my 6 years old son. A plan to visit and roam around USA just popped in my mind when I came across the holiday list of my son's school. Gosh! it was exactly 30 days starting from May 16 till June 15. My little brother, a Senior Project Head in USA, encouraged me to the great extent. Unfortunately my husband did not get 30 days off from his work area. So, I decided to go with my plan to "roam around USA in 30 days" with my little son during his summer vacation. I went on looking through the websites and arranged all the required documents accordingly. My husband and my brother helped me immensely.

Steps I followed for my plan to "Roam Around USA" were: Just two months before the planned date to visit and roam around USA, I contacted a travel agency for the USA visa registration purpose. In the meantime I had to collect many important documents. Since I was visiting to my brother's place, he had to give me…