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Dr. Leslie Seppinni is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT)
and Doctor of Clinical Psychology, (Psy.D) practicing in Beverly Hills.
With over 18
years of experience in the field of Psychology specializing in Cognitive Behavioral
therapy for families, couples, individuals and adolescents. In all her work
Dr. Leslie utilizes her Excuse Free(tm) Living philosophy, with its emphasis on
“The 4 C’s: Curiosity, Conviction, Courage and Commitment” as her cornerstone.
Her Excuse Free(tm) Living Philosophy comes from her personal true rags to riches
life story, her work as psychotherapist, and a Crisis Intervention Specialist.

“Dr. Seppinni’s Excuse Free(tm) Living philosophy is not just talk but real
problem-solving. She developed a personalized plan to help me figure out my
passion, create a foundation from which to begin and concrete goals to get

-Miranda P.


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