Tour To PanchKedar - True Story Of A Friend Tammy

Tammy aka Tanmoy. A very true story of a friend named Tammy. It’s a very interesting story for me. A friend, colleague, who is very much into trekking, had this experience while his tour to PanchKedar, a hill of five peaks or five Kedars. Tammy, I usually call him with this name, went to Panch Kedar in last year with two of his close friends. Before starting out his trip tale, I must say few things before. Before going for the trip he bought a new shoe which he wore and got accustomed in Kolkata.

Now finally let’s start the tour…

Tammy with two of his friends, all had rook sack filled with water bottle, torch, regular wears, and other necessary things, were doing masti while traveling. In the meantime while trekking, Tammy got hurt in his knee, still didn’t stop trekking. Quite impressive I must say. They were on their way to visit Madhya Maheshwar Mandir, one amongst the five Kedars, situated at 11000 / 12000 feet altitude.

Tammy and his friends ultimately reached the Mandir with much pain in his knees and their feet were by then stressed and swollen. They took rest there and in the next morning gave Puja, had their heavy breakfast and then again started to come down the hill. They started just after breakfast so that they could cover the greater distance within the daylight.

Tammy’s leg needed at least 3 – 4 days rest to get cured. His friends asked him to take rest and said him that they will start altogether next day. Very good friends they are, The Three Musketeers. He denied taking rest as he didn’t want to mess up the trip. So they started their trek again.

Tammy with much pain in his knees was trekking down. They were almost 6000 feet down. Suddenly his shoes stopped giving comfort to his feet. He wore before and they were not that much new. But as he trekked for so long, his new shoes became a problem. Since it was a dense hilly forest throughout the way, they didn’t find any tea stall or rest house till then. So, they kept on trekking. The path was not that smooth. The hill was very steep and the way was narrow. It was around 4.30 pm. Sun sets earlier in hilly areas. So it was almost dark. They found a wild pig coming down. They held breathe and stopped for a while with their back at the wall side. They kept on watching the wild and it passed across them. They closed their eyes and said “Thank God”.

They started to trek again. It was darker.

Suddenly, Tammy and his friends found a beam of light coming out of somewhere. They went nearer and found it a tea stall. Tammy was happy now. His leg was almost senseless by then. He now opened up his shoes and found his feet were swollen. One of the nails of his right feet was already topsy-turvy and was bleeding heavily. They had tea, biscuits, snacks, water, and took rest for few hours. The chaye-wala said that they can book a rest house which is 3 / 4 km away. Two of his friends went to book the rest house and Tammy started up his journey alone.

It was much darker by then… no one around. Tammy was all alone. A little boy of the chaye-wala was only there with him. He kept on telling him stories about the wild life of the hilly areas.

Suddenly Tammy saw a big black dog was following them. He was scared. But the dog didn’t harm them. The dog went all the way along with them. Tammy by now saw his friends waiting for him. They waived hands. Tammy joined them. The little boy went inside the rest house to keep his rook sack, Tammy turned back to see the dog. But he was surprised. He didn’t find the dog anywhere. There was no other way around that the dog could take. Tammy was surprised. He says still now that the dog was there to protect him from other wild animals.


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