Exist Or Does Not Exist - God, Tantra, Evil Spirit

Exist Or Does Not Exist - God, Tantra, Evil Spirit. One day in my office, a group of eight, in the lunch hour, started dicussing this and that topic, nothing specific. Then suddenly our discussion turned to the topic called God, Tantra, Evil Spirit. Few said, God exists but else are just baseless, some said super-natural power exists can be of any form and rest said nothing is there like any power or something.

I was in the team of super natural power. One of my colleague said, people often do black magic with bad intensions to destroy relationship and all.

The topic gradually was becoming interesting and more interesting... At the end it became very controversial. It didn't end yet... It was kept open as the majority was confused.... Ha ha ha...

What do you guys say? Does God, Tantra, Evil Spirit really exist or not? Share your opinion or experiences with us. We are having this as a open discussion.

Have a Great Powerful Day...


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