Happy Mothers Day, Happy Moms Day, Gifts Ideas

Mother’s Day! Happy Mothers Day!
Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year. This year Mother’s Day is on 10th May, 2009. Mother’s Day is celebrated globally these days to show love and respect to all mothers. It’s the day to show gratitude to mothers for giving us love, support, and affection. Mother’s Day is the day to show respect to them for giving us life.
This year in Jan, I became mother for the first time. Now I came to know the meaning of motherhood more perfectly. And so, though Moms Day is far away, I am already planning for a special Mother’s Day gift or gift ideas for my mother.
Me and my brother have some plans but you guys can suggest me some more!!!

I have a plan to decorate my mom’s room the night before Mothers Day after she falls asleep. My mom loves flowers a lot especially yellow roses. Then will bake a cake. My bro has a plan to gift our mother a cute cat as she loves them. Then we have a plan for a family dinner tonight somewhere outside.

If you have some more plans then please suggest us!
Happy Mothers Day to you all!


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