My First Pregnancy Experience - How I learnt I am pregnant

I would like to share my first pregnancy experience... You will be surprised to know that I had no pregnancy symptoms throughout the whole period. I had learnt that am pregnant at the 5th month. Everything was normal and so I did not think of going to the doctor. It's like an unbelievable experience to me... believe it or not!
My daily routine was to wake up early, make some breakfast, had a fresh bath, had breakfast with my husband and then set to go for the work. My hubby used to drop me at my office. One such fine morning a colleague of mine told me that I had put on a few kilos, she felt suddenly. I was upset as I am always very figure and health conscious. Moreover after few days me and my husband were about to go for a holiday trip. I made up my mind to shed those extras before leaving for the trip ... but just 10 days were in my hand. After office, I used to come home and then started spending time doing various exercises - ran on my treadmill for about 1 hour for those 10 days. But I found myself same after 10 days. Anyways went for the trip...Enjoyed there ... That was like our second honeymoon in 2 and half years of our marriage. Came back safe and happily. Joined office just the next day. After a week or so I started feeling a bit tired and stressed out. Asked my husband to take me to my gynae for just a general check up ... thought he would prescribe me some vitamins and stress relief pills. The doc asked me to go for a USG immediately as he felt that I might have conceived. I went for it immediately. Both of us were surprised to read that I was 5 months pregnant already. I was shocked as I did not get a hint of it through 5 months...
This is how I learnt I was pregnant...
Anyways now am a proud mother of a healthy sunny boy who is just 1 month and few days old!!!
World have changed for me to the best! I thank God for protecting me and my child!


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