First Blog Name - It's Reasons

Hi Buddies! Welcome to my new born baby blog I am new to this world of bloggers. You may have guessed already why I have chosen such a domain 'whatnot' and a blog-name 'Miscellany'......
Miscellany, as you all know, defines a collection of miscellaneous things and whatnot is anything and everything. Actually I want to share my experience, my ideas on different topics e.g. art, science, education, fashion, entertainment, movies, music, fun, jokes, greetings, comics, travel, health, technology, news, sports, cute babies, etc etc.

Everything in one blog? Yup!!! That's the reason of naming it a 'miscellany' and it is sure in coming days we will share loads of views & topics and thus making this blog a 'whatnot', i.e what-not you get here.

Here, my journey begins!!!!!! Wish me luck !!!!


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