Broken Heart Wishes

‘Love’ ‘My Love’ were my words,
When I knew you were mine,
No days passed when your name
I didn’t love like an old wine,
Days passed by, months crawled by,
I waited for you,
Remembered your smile, cherished your style,
Loved you more as I grew.
Your days to return came closer by;
Smile on my face broadened a slight,
Began to count days and every second,
Began to wait to hear you again.

Pals blamed me for loving you beyond the edge,
They told you are a liar, 'n won't come back again,
My heart didn’t believe this even for a while,
That day arrived, when you came to me again,
I blushed and smiled after so long days,
Wanted to hear you say me 'Love you Darling'
You said me, three words, 'Forget Me Forever',
That broke my heart into tiny pieces of tears,
You told me you are in love with some other,
You broke my heart but I kept quite,
I was still in love; but I lost my trust forever
On all from that night.

Still I wish, you grow up like a star,
As you'll have to travel in life a bit more far,
Though in future, you won’t get back me again,
My wishes are there with you & will ever remain.


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