25th Birthday, Silver Birthday, Twentififth Birthday Celebration, Birthday At 25 .

Birthdays are the most precious moment in one’s life. Birthday milestones like 1st birthday, 13th birthday, La Quinceanera, 16th birthday, 25th birthday, 50th birthday, 75th birthday holds a special feeling in one’s life and birthday cards with heartfelt birthday wishes are like a cherry over cake.

I remember my 25th Birthday, Silver Birthday, Twentififth Birthday Celebration, or Birthday At 25 .
It was filled with so much fun and surprises. The night before my 25th
birthday, I had a tiff with my brother about a very small thing. I felt
very low and thought nobody remembers my birthday, otherwise there
would have been the party discussion and not the tiff.

In the morning as I woke up I found my room decked up with birthday balloons,
teddies, birthday cards, new curtains and flowers. I was so surprised
to see those. As I came out of my room, I found the gang of my friends
standing with lots of gifts and started singing birthday songs.
I looked at my mom; she was ready with a cake and a smile. She hugged
me and wished me. Everyone in the house wished me but my brother was
nowhere in the house. I asked my mom about him and she said he is just
in his room. I went to his room…, and found a lovely gift basket
on his bed. I was curious to peep into that. A small cute kitten was
peeping from that. I was overwhelmed with joy and tears rolled down my
eyes with happiness. I hugged my brother and thanked him for this
special gift.

said that the last night tiff was preplanned so as to surprise me with
so many things. Starting from my room d├ęcor, calling my friends
to the baking of the birthday cake was all done by him, mom and dad said to me.

My friends then gave me birthday bumps.
We all enjoyed a lot, had yummy food cooked by my mom, had fun all day
long and by dinner dad took me, my brother and mom for a lovely dinner.
Dad gave me a nice diamond earring as a birthday gift and told me how much they love me.

I was completely spellbound. I didn't find any words to say. Just hugged
them and said I love them more than anyone in this world. They are
really the most precious people in my life.


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